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MiniBoss Bling Bootcamp

In 2017, I came up with an idea to work with girls locally showing them the ropes to being a "mini-boss". This was an idea that sparked in my mind one night and I decided to jump on it..I have to say it was a very great experience. It allowed me to bond with the girls and for them to develop a relationship with each other. There were 8 girls that attended the camp and they learned the ins and outs of starting their own bling empire.

The girls learned how to create custom bling bracelets, cups, keychains and make the newly craved item-phone stands. Each week we had a lesson we would discuss and they had task to complete. The girls created social media ads, they were vendors at events and they had to learn how to develop customer service skills. I think the best part was when they started to see their PROFIT! 

The girls managed their profits so that they could invest in more supplies and also spend it on items they wanted. We made sure we applied the 60/40 rule. You will learn more about that when you sign up for the bootcamp.

I know some of you are wondering, "how can I be a part of this camp and I don't live near you?" Well, no worries, the Mini-Boss Bootcamp is now LIVE! Everything will be done through a private Facebook group. You can sign up here:

If you have any questions about the bootcamp, please leave them below and check out the other blogs on how you can get started. 


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