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What's your WHY? Inside a page in my journal...

The purpose of the Mini-Boss Bootcamp is not only to help girls learn about entrepreneurship but also to help them define their WHY! 

What's my WHY? WHY did I get into my own business? 

In 2009 I lost my mother to breast cancer and I had to channel my guilt, hurt and grief into something. I got into crafting. I made jewelry and it took off locally and it kept me focused. Crafting is very therapeutic for me. From 2009 until now, I have dabbed in so many different areas of crafting but all the while, I never looked at it as a BRAND. It was a simple side hustle for me. I researched the latest things poppin and I jumped on it. It kept a little extra money in my pocket and it allowed me to create my best work. My name was KreationzbyK and at that time it was unique but as the crafting world grew, that name "kreationz" was the title of a lot of businesses. In 2017, I gave birth to The Bling and Glitter Bar...kind of like a new me who dis type thing! :) Kreationz was tied to so many negative vibes in my life that I felt I needed a new start. 

My BIGGEST why. 

Also in 2009, I gave birth to my second child, my daughter. I had my daughter in June and lost my mother in October. Now I had to balance being happy for new baby with being upset that my mother was no longer around. During that time I was in a what I now know was, a situation, not a relationship. I balanced being a mother to a 10 year old, a newborn and a girlfriend to someone that didn't care about me. It was around 2010 that an incident happened and it gave me my biggest WHY. One night, an argument broke out, it was raining, and I heard the words "you and those kids get out my house." I was devastated, I was crushed and the last thing I wanted to do was run to my daddy. The altercation was so bad, the police were called and I was refusing to leave. The police said, "Ma'am you have to leave, your name isn't on any paperwork here." I packed my 9 month old baby up, my 11 year old and left for the night. I didn't have enough money to get a decent hotel but we survived through the night. You see it was a wasn't 24 hours later and I got that "we need to talk" text. I didn't have enough money saved to walk away so what did I do? I went back...incident after incident kept occurring and one day it was enough. I didn't have a lot but I had to end this "situation" so I left and started over. At that moment of sitting in an empty apartment, my WHY hit me. NEVER allow yourself to be in a situation that you don't want to be in because you don't have the money to get out. Never allow a man to hold what he does for you over your head. Don't just bring something to the table, make sure you OWN that table. My WHY then were my kids, my sanity and my independence. I already had a Bachelors degree but in that empty room, I made a change that would benefit me and my kids. I enrolled in Grad school to get my Master's in Mid-Management(Education) and made a promise that after I finished, I would focus on my making my business bigger. Three years later, with my Master's degree, my own home, my now 18 year old son and 8 year old daughter, I have launched The Bling and Glitter Bar as my brand. My second endeavor that I am really pouring my all into is my Mini-Boss Bootcamp Sessions. I am still working on my WHY but I hope that throughout the process, I help some girl develop theirs. Be all that can you be no matter what you are faced with. Have your own so that you can make the best choices for you an those in your life. It's never to late to create your WHY. Every day is a new beginning. 

What's your WHY?



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